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Marilyn Manson - Rebels Without Applause

"The last time the Smoking Section checked in with Marilyn Manson, he let the world in on his movie project, Phantasmagoria the Visions of Lewis Carroll. In just a few weeks, he'll begin filming in Paris. But he has more up his sleeve. On Halloween, he'll celebrate the opening of his new L.A. art gallery, located at the nearly satanic address of 667 Melrose ("I looked at the lease and said, you have got to be kidding me," he says.)

More awesomely, Manson has been making music, including the new tune This is Halloween for the upcoming DVD release of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. "It will be the vampire national anthem," says Mason. "Black panties all across the world will moisten at the sound of my voice."

So far, he has half an album's worth of tracks, one of which, "Rebels Without Applause", addresses Manson's notion that young bands suck these days. "I'm not the bitter guy that's jealous of these other bands that are coming up and stealing my thunder," he says. "I invented thunder and rain. I am THE black. And I'm here to vacuum the red carpet."

If that's not enough, Manson is releasing his own line of absinthe. "We have to have it out in time for parents to give it to their children for Christmas." Sweet! /Rolling Stone"

Thanks to Kunstkrieg and Prescribed Drone [mediSIN](My Myspace Friends who posted this)
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